John Lobell addresses how new technology changes our consciousness, which in turn leads to cultural paradigm shifts. He received his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and is a professor of architecture at Pratt Institute. His interests include creativity, architecture, cultural theory, consciousness, mythology, and movies. He has lectured throughout the world and is the author of numerous articles and several books.
Our world is no longer what we have thought it to be, and a new world is struggling to be born.
Visionary Creatives are driven to bring this new world to all of us.

Papers & Articles

Selected Articles and Papers by John Lobell

(Those that are underlined, you can click on to see the article. See curriculum vitae for complete list of publications.)

• Cultural Concerns in Computational Architecture (unpublished) 2004.

• Quantum Architecture, tarp, Fall 2003.

• Campbell on Freud and Jung, Joseph Campbell Foundation Newsletter, No. 1, Fall 1993.

• A Primer on Joseph Campbell, Whole Earth Review, Summer 1988

• Architecture and Structures of Consciousness, Pratt Journal of Architecture, Vol II, Spring 1988.

• M Arch Thesis, 1967, Univ of Penna, Architecture and Structures of Consciousness

• The Philadelphia School: An Architectural Philosophy, with Mimi Lobell in Louis I. Kahn, l’uomo, il maestro, Alessandra Latour, ed., 1986.

• An Interview with John Hejduk, with Mimi Lobell. Pratt Journal of Architecture, Vol I, Fall 1985.

• Myth in Architecture: The Work of Alice Aycock , Skyline, Apr. 1980.

• Doric, Ironic, & Labyrinthian: Classical Architecture in America, Skyline, Feb. 1980.

American Women Architects. Artforum, Summer 1977.




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